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Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in AdvisorShares, Impact

What a Ride! AdvisorShares at Cycle for Survival

What a Ride! AdvisorShares at Cycle for Survival

Equinox gym in Bethesda blazed orange (a color close to our hearts) on March 6th for the 10th Annual Cycle for Survival. The day was filled with upbeat music, inspirational speeches, power sprints, and LOTS of camaraderie. There was extra excitement when we learned that CFS had crossed $100 million in all-time fundraising that week!

AdvisorShares’ team, AlphaSquad, took to the bikes at 1:00 with lead-off rider James Fifield who commented “Hearing the stories from the survivors reminded me why I signed up. Their strength, their determination and their passion, not only the organization and event, but giving back to those that are currently fighting cancer. It was a powerful and moving experience.”

Next on the bike was team captain, Nancy Fitzgerald, who was extremely impressed with the volunteers. “I did this event twice this weekend with two different teams, one in DC on Friday night, and one here in Bethesda Sunday afternoon. I can’t get over that most of these amazingly energetic volunteers are the same ones. They have dedicated their whole weekend, plus prep time, to this cause and are still having a blast!”

Third to the bike was AdvisorShares CEO himself, Noah Hamman. Cycling with home gym advantage, Noah loved the opportunity “to give back and make an impact in our community as is critical to the firm’s mission. I felt happy to make even a small contribution to such a large venue. I truly believe in the power of a motivated group of people to make a huge difference in the lives of others, one small contribution at a time.” This is the same thinking behind our impact investing ETF which not only looks to help people invest for the long term, but to make an impact in people’s lives in the short term.

Finally bringing it home was anchor, Michael Young, new to indoor cycling! Based on what he had to say afterwards, we think it may become a habit: “Surrounded by spirited and caring people – won’t hesitate when asked to participate next year.” We definitely plan to test that resolve!

Cycle for Survival’s indoor team cycling events raise funds that are critical for rare cancer research. 100% of every donation to Cycle for Survival is directly allocated to research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center within six months of the events. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of participants, donors, and supporters, Cycle for Survival has raised over $100 million for rare cancer research, and funded 100+ clinical trials and research studies.

Check out our Team Page here. Maybe you’d like to join us next year!