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Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Active ETF Reports, AdvisorShares

The Active ETF Space Is Getting Healthier

The Active ETF Space Is Getting Healthier

Take a look at a new chart recently added to our monthly Active ETF Market Report.  As you can see, investors are getting more diversity in active ETF sponsors.  WisdomTree had the majority of the market share in the early days of actively managed ETFs, but as the chart indicates, PIMCO began eating into that market share.  The most important item to recognize is how the two largest providers (in terms of AUM) are decreasing their market share due to new entrants into the active ETF space.  We believe more sponsors and more choices are better for investors.  The active ETF space will not be a game of first to market, but instead who can provide the best risk adjusted returns to their shareholders.

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sept 19 2013 pic Source: AdvisorShares Investments

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