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Posted by on Sep 13, 2013 in Active ETF Reports, AdvisorShares

AdvisorShares Active ETF Market Share Update – Week Ending 9/6/2013

AdvisorShares Active ETF Market Share Update – Week Ending 9/6/2013

Last week, total AUM in all active ETFs increased by around $38.2 million.  As in previous weeks, assets in “Short Term Bond” active ETFs increased, this time by almost $61.7 million, while AUM in the “Global Bond” category fell by about $39 million.  The “Global Bond” category had another bad week, ending over $18.3 million below where it began.  The “Alternative Income” category increased again but by less than in previous weeks; AUM increased by nearly $4.26 million. The “Alternative” active ETF category’s AUM rose by approximately $2.79 million.  Unlike previous weeks, the “Currency” category saw an increase in value, by about $2.5 million for the week, as certain emerging market currency ETFs had creation units.  Finally, the categories of “High Yield” and “US Equity” grew at $2.7 million and over $3.5 million respectively.

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