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Posted by on Aug 8, 2009 in AdvisorShares, Investment Perspective

Great Report on Fee-Based Finanial Advisors

Great Report on Fee-Based Finanial Advisors

Tiburon Strategic Advisors, does an amazing job providing insight and analysis of the financial services industry.  Chip Roame does an amazing job presenting an incredible amount of data into useful information.  We believe investors will continue to seek the guidance of financial advisors – not for just investments, budgeting, taxes and estate planning.  Protecting and growing ones assets it a critical role that must be closely monitored.  Changes in the market, changes in the investors life, changes in government and tax policy all have an impact either near term or long term.  It is exciting to see the continued growth in financial professionals.

Findings of note in the Tiburon Report:

– 40% growth of fee-based financial advisors since 2005

– $2 Trillion in AUM also a 40% increase since 2005

– 41 new mutual fund companies since 2006 (who says mutual funds are dying!)

– Schwab has custody of HALF of the fee-based advisors

– The report predicts a slowing growth in the number of fee-based advisors, but rapid growth in AUM

– Practice merger and acquisitions are up 600% since 1999

Read the summary here: